It’s been raining again, we’re almost halfway through the year and the Devon County Show is about to open! But what about the gutters? These days we have plenty of things to think about but easily removing water from your roof probably isn’t one of them.

Check your gutters

Your gutters are there to move huge amounts of water and how clean they are relates to how efficient they work. With these continual showers we’re having you should take a quick look to see if the gutters are still working correctly.

If you notice a lack of water flowing out of the downpipe or water overflowing out of the gutter and running down the outside walls then you should have them checked.

Over time a great deal of organic matter, like leaves and moss, are washed off your roof into the gutters. This debris can cause blockages in the gutter channels and damage the joints. As this matter breaks down over time it will also be washed into the downpipes where it again can cause further blockages.

Any blockage in your gutter system can cause further problems inside your home or office. If you spot damp patches in your rooms then this is often a sign of damage to the guttering. Damp within the home or office can develop into mould patches. This mould can, in turn, cause allergic reactions,, irritants and it may also cause asthma attacks.

To clean the gutters (and windows too!) we use ‘reach and wash’ equipment with a powerful vacuum system to suck out all the debris. All the downpipes are flushed to make sure that the water can flow quickly to the drains. We then use a camera to check that everything has been removed, the water is flowing correctly again and to also show the customer the final results.

So next time it rains do take a quick look at your gutters and if you need them cleaned or any advice just call us.