1. My Role at ServiceMaster Clean Devon

My role as Sales Manager is to network our business within the local area, keep ServiceMaster Clean Devon at the forefront of my mind while generating profitable work for the business.

  1. How long you worked for ServiceMaster Devon?

1 year

  1. How many days do you work? When you’re not working what are you doing?

I work 4 days – Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. When I’m not working I’m running the household and bringing up my toddler, Charles.

  1. How much time are you in the office verses on the road?

I would say at the moment I am in the office 50% of the time and out 50% of the time

  1. What’s it like in the office?

I find the office a pleasant place to work. I get to hear the daily activity and challenges that our team encounter each day but from a different perspective. It allows me to understand the business more and the different services we provide by listening to the discussions between the technicians, office manager and operations manager

  1. What’s cold visiting like? What’s the benefit?

I love doing cold visits; it’s much easier to build rapport with people face to face rather than over the phone. I find I can understand much more and find out more about their business in a shorter space of time. It’s easy for people to end a telephone conversation but much less easy to get rid of me if I’m in their place of work! (hehe)

  1. Do you enjoy making cold telephone calls?

It is a must in sales. I find doing a combination of cold visits and cold calling works well. I wouldn’t really say cold calling is my favourite part of my roll but I am more than happy to do it and I can keep focused while I am making the calls. I try to remain enthusiastic and polite at all times, mainly because some can look upon a cold caller as a nuisance

  1. Do you mainly focus on new customers or existing customers?

I have a strong focus on new business but it is still important to keep our past customers informed and up to date so I do check our system and place a call if they have not used us for 1 year or longer

  1. What’s been the most success sell so far?

I wouldn’t say there is one particular service that comes to mind, it really has been a mixture. I find that we quote a lot for hard floor cleaning and carpet cleaning

  1. What lessons have you learnt so far?

The biggest learning curve for me has been adapting my skills to this industry. Previously I was a sales rep out on the road selling advertising/marketing campaigns. Now I am more involved in a process to deliver our service, meaning I must put my trust in my colleague to deliver what I have said to the customer

  1. What’s the hardest part of your role?

Trying to remain competitive on price against our competitors but still trying to deliver our service standard while keeping the job profitable for the business

  1. What are you planning to achieve in the next quarter? What are your goals?

I’d really like to see our marketing work in conjunction with sales. I’d like to sit down and plan 6 months in advance on what to target, where to market and how to follow up with our current and new customers

  1. What will make you achieve a successful 2016?

Converting as many quotes as possible so that my role at ServiceMaster is successful and where it needs to be with regards to budgets and targets

  1. What are you hobbies & interests outside of work?

I am part of quite a big family having 4 sisters and 6 nephews & nieces along with my 2 year old toddler; I spend a lot of time on days out keeping them in touch with each other and entertained. We spend a lot of time at the local soft play, zoo and parks. On the odd occasion I do not have our child we tend to meet up with friends for food and drinks