It’s Valentines Day! If you are making a clean start or you are entertaining a loved one, you might want to take time to make that little extra effort to impress.

These Valentines Day cleaning tips are ideal for making that little extra effort on the day or for after those Valentine celebrations. With busy schedules, work, family and pets needing our attention we don’t often have the time to tidy up after ourselves.

Clearing up before the big day may include cleaning various rooms throughout the house or flat. You might even want to move some of the furniture around to give it a fresh look.

Valentines Day Cleaning Tips

Starting in the kitchen you can make your sink sparkle with washing up liquid and a damp cloth. If your sink has stains from dried food or drink then you can use a solution of biological washing detergent to remove it. If you have any rust stains then you can use lemon juice to help remove.

To lift your living room and if you have time, then you could get your sofa upholstery cleaned. When you are tidying up you may spot an old carpet stain. If you’re entertaining on the big day you may even add a few more to the Axminster. But what to do about them?

The older the stain the harder it is to remove without professional help. For a fresh wine stain you need to blot it, this will remove any wine that hasn’t already soaked into the carpet. Warm water with a small amount of white vinegar and washing up liquid may help to remove the soaked in stain.

If your celebrations include a meal then you might end up with food or drink stains on your clothe. The wine stain or that piece of chocolate dessert can usually be removed by soaking in luke warm soapy water. If you need to try and work the stain out then you can use an old tooth brush. You can also remove chocolate stains with a vinegar and lemon solution.

If you intend to use candles then do beware of the wax, especially if it gets into the carpet. To remove it you can try using a hair dryer to melt the wax while removing the wax with a putty knife.

Whatever you’re doing on Valentines Day make sure you have an enjoyable time and if you do find your carpets or upholstery need a clean then we are always available to help!