Caring for your upholstery furniture

Your sofas and armchairs represent a big investment. Here’s our best advice on how to clean and care for your upholstery furniture to ensure it stays looking at it’s best.

Furniture Cleaning

1.       ‘Scotchgard’ Protection: We strongly recommend most upholstery fabrics are protected by some kind of soil retardant protection which is commonly known as ‘scotchgard’ (although that is actually a trade name for one type of protector). This kind of protection, applied properly, will give you another line of defence against spills and general soiling. You stand a much better chance of getting marks out on protected upholstery than unprotected upholstery.

2.       Protect your furniture from sunlight: If your favourite sofa or armchair is sat in a window in direct sunlight think about some way of protecting it from constant prolonged exposure to sunlight. Consider blinds or a throw. Fading through sunlight cannot be corrected.

3.       Be prepared with a spotter: If you’re a customer of ServiceMaster Clean here in Devon, just ask us and we’ll give you a spotter for free. Proceed carefully though with any kind of spotting products. Test in an inconspicuous area first. Make sure you don’t over wet it either or you may well end up with water mark rings. If in doubt and/or if your furniture is particularly expensive, give us a call and we’ll advise you accordingly. We do offer a stain removal service if you need it.

4.       Newspapers: One of the things we see often is certain seats becoming grey because of newspaper print. If your habit (or one of your family members) is to sit in the same seat everyday and read the newspaper, consider a throw to sit on while you do it. The print comes off so easily and rapidly soils your upholstery. We can often get it off, but this will help reduce that problem.

5.       Plump and rotate: As you sit on your cushions you press the filling materials into a certain shape and force the air out of the filling material. Some materials are better than others at ‘remembering’ their original shape, however our advice plump and rotate at the end of every day. You plump a cushion by pushing it in at the sides. Rotate the cushion by 90 degrees and also flip it over if the style and pattern allow.

6.       Consider professional furniture cleaning every two years (minimum): If your upholstered furniture is in daily use we suggest that cleaning every 12-24 months is what will be required to keep it looking good all of the time. So often we’re called in to do a rescue job, which is more expensive (because it takes longer) and does not always get it back to its best condition.

For more on Upholstery Furniture Cleaning & Care call us here in Devon on 0800 018 5550 or email us if you would like any more help or advice.