If you live in Torquay, Paignton or Brixham make sure your windows are clean this weekend as the inaugural Torbay Airshow will be taking off over the Bay! With a range of modern and vintage aircraft and display teams including the Red Arrows it should be an aerobatic extravaganza for any aviation fan.

The Red Arrows at Torbay Airshow

Torbay Airshow Torquay Are your windows clean

The landscape around Torbay offers great views across the bay and an ideal location for the an airshow. If you don;t make it to Paignton Green to watch the aircraft performing their displays there are plenty of places to get a birds eye view.

Make sure your windows are clean!

Torquay Red Arrows Torbay Airshow Clean your windows

For those that enjoy an air display but aren’t so enthusiastic about the noise of low flying jets then you can still enjoy the weekend from inside. All you need to do is make sure your windows are clean!

If the weather isn’t too warm then the hotels, bars and restaurants, as well as all those homes with views of the Bay will also need to make sure they have cleaned their windows so guests can get a perfect view of the skies. Most of the individual aircraft pilots and display teams will have an alternative display if the skies aren’t clear so you shouldn’t miss out.

The aircraft ground crews will also make sure that all the aircraft taking part are as clean as possible even though they will be flying at a distance from the crowds. Along with the servicing of the engine and checking the control surfaces and landing gear the ground crew will make sure the aircraft are as clean as possible.

How clean is your office window?!!

The most important thing when flying is visibility so the pilots will also have exceptionally clean windows! well canopies and windscreens! They need to be able see their team members, landmarks and runways so clean perspex, glass or for the vintage aircraft – goggles! is essential.

So when you watch the Torbay Airshow do take a moment to think about the hard work the people behind the scenes do to get the pilots and their aircraft looking their best!

Stay safe at the Torbay Airshow.