Andrew Garman, Director explains why thermal imaging surveys are proving so popular:

Thermal Imaging Surveys

In the past to discover where water was leaking, heat escaping or to inspect equipment to identify part failures would have meant causing considerable disruption to a home or business not to mention the cost in time and money.  Very often if a floor or wall was involved then it would have required digging up, creating significant mess followed by a costly process of reinstatement.

Thermal imaging can reduce the disturbance and mess by assisting in the pinpointing of potential problems allowing further investigation or remedial action to be limited to a smaller area, reducing disturbance and saving time and money.

How does thermal imaging work?

Thermal imaging is a non-contact, non-invasive method which means it does not interfere with or damage any part of a building or piece of equipment.  It also means that areas otherwise inaccessible can be safely inspected.  The whole process can be completed quickly without cluttering up essential or busy areas.

What types of survey can it perform?

The thermal camera can be used to undertake energy audits to identify heat loss, moisture and leak detection, tracing of pipe work such as under floor heating.  Other uses include surveying of flat roofs and wall insulation and solar panel efficiency surveys.

They are also increasingly being used to check electrical and mechanical equipment including conveyer belts, escalators, rotating machines, pumps and motors as well as looking for terminal faults in fuse panels and bearing failures in gearboxes.

Quick and efficient

On completion of the survey a report highlighting any findings including thermal images of the defective areas can be produced quickly, enabling people and businesses to get repairs completed or to develop or prioritise equipment maintenance schedules.

Overall, using a thermal camera can reduce mess, disruption and expense and speed up repair time which is why thermal imaging is proving popular with private home owners as well as businesses.

At ServiceMaster Clean Torquay we have a thermal imaging camera and trained staff to undertake surveys.  So should you wish to discuss how thermal imaging might help you please give us a call on 0800 018 5550.