As Valentine’s Day approaches many people will be looking to treat their partner to a romantic evening at a local restaurant in Devon.

Valentine's Restaurant in Torbay, Exeter & South Devon

Smart Restaurant

If you own or manage a restaurant or dining facility in Torbay, Exeter or Plymouth then this is an opportunity to not only attract new diners but also ensure they return again and again. Whilst ambience, quality of food and customer service are a high priority. It is also true that diners value cleanliness and hygiene whether at their table, in bars, seating areas or in the washrooms.

Falling in love

First impressions are very important and this begins before people even walk through the door.

Ensuring windows and doors are clean, that signage and displays are working properly and that pavements outside are swept is important.    Keep entrance matting, rugs or carpets looking their best by having a regular carpet cleaning programme in place.   Overall your frontage should look clean, tidy and well presented.

As diners step into your restaurant you want them to fall in love with your place. This means taking care to keep areas both front and back of house clean and tidy especially:

Floors – Whether it is a hard floor such as tile, slate and wood it is important they are not only swept daily but have a regular deep clean to remove any stains, stickiness or spillage marks and ensure they continue to look their best especially if they are a feature to the room.

Seating and upholstery – There is nothing worse than having to sit on a chair or seat which has fabric that looks stained and grimy. If you have fabric covered seating make sure it remains free from stains and marks so as not to damage the customer experience. This will sometimes mean that some stubborn stains (stain removal guide) would need a professional clean to remove them.

Corridors and surfaces– As customers move from room to room it is important that the image is maintained. Therefore corridors, should be clean, tidy and clutter free. Keeping all surfaces including counters, display shelves and tables spotlessly clean is essential.

Washrooms – An important area as it often gives insight into an establishment. Regular checks will help maintain standards. Adding little touches like nice soap, hand cream or fresh flowers can make a real difference. As well as daily cleaning it can be a good idea to get them deep cleaned professionally every 6 months to ensure they are as hygienic as possible.

Winning their hearts with your food

The food itself is the true test of winning the hearts of customers. Whilst every kitchen has a legal obligation to be kept clean and hygienic it is also a good idea to build in a professional clean on harder to clean areas such as ovens and ducting. A clean kitchen can raise staff morale which in turn leads to consistently high quality food being served.

Not just a customer romance but a marriage!

If you serve consistently good food, provide outstanding service in clean premises customers will return again and again.

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