It’s not just the quality of the education that colleges and universities need to maintain, they also need to maintain high standards in cleanliness throughout their student accommodation. Any accommodation for students, medical students, student nurses, language schools and other training organisations will need to provide clean and hygienic facilities.

There is a continual movement of students in and out of accommodation blocks as they attend lectures throughout the day and socialise at night! With all the footfall the floors and surrounding surfaces will soon be covered in dust and dirt. Other parts of the building like communal living areas may also be prone to a buildup of dirt and marks on upholstery and other surfaces.

Cleaning Student Accommodation

Students may not maintain the appropriate hygiene standards that are required to keep their rooms clean. This is why it is important to use a company that can provide not just a cleaning service. We provide a full deep cleaning that goes above and beyond a noreal tidy up.

We’re not saying the accommodation will be like The Young Ones but there are areas that will need a great deal of attention. These will usually be the shared bathrooms and kitchens.

For the kitchens the cleaning will focus on, around and behind the appliances like the oven, fridge and extractor hood.With fridges and freezers these will also be defrosted and washed throughout the inside.

Such thoroughness is also followed throughout eh accommodation including the bathrooms,ensuites, surfaces, walls, ceilings fixtures and fittings. All hallways, stools, curtains, hard furniture, woodwork and windows will also be cleaned to our very high standards.

Behind every great education establishment is a clean accommodation block!

We are able to provide deep cleaning services across Devon to all educational and training facilities. For more information or to arrange a site visit just contact us now on 0800 018 5550.