In the last few weeks the commercial ServiceMaster Clean team have been busy with all kinds of different projects which we frequently describe as ‘high, heavy, technical or difficult types of cleaning’.

For most people when they think of us they tend to look down at their carpet, hard floor, rugs or upholstery and think this is all we do – not true!  Our teams undertake all kinds of work and in this post we will look at the type of work we undertake which covers anything from complicated technical cleans to high ceiling cleans and much, much more!

High Cleaning – As the title suggests this means cleaning out of reach areas such as ceilings, windows, ledges, gutters, roofs, mezzanine floors, foyers or the inside of a warehouse or commercial building.  Many of these may also require telescopic cleaning poles, additional access and safety equipment such as harnesses, ladders or in some cases scaffolding. In the photo to accompany this blog you will see the team cleaning the windows at a local hotel.

Heavy Cleaning – Many of the cleans we undertake require us to move furniture such as tables, sofas, desks  and chairs.  However, some projects may require us to supply more than 1 or 2 people in order to lift and move heavier equipment to facilitate cleaning.

Technical Cleaning – Often technical cleans just mean it’s more complicated than walking into a room and cleaning.  It maybe that the technical job requires someone who holds a certificate or has undergone training.  Areas such as diamond burnishing of hard floors or using insecticides to treat flea and month infestations.

Difficult Cleaning – Often this can mean gaining access to an area or any amount of space you have to work in examples of which can include cleaning voids, roof spaces and lofts or cleaning of very high cladding. As part of our business we also undertake disaster restoration to homes and buildings following fires or floods.  Our specialist team will first need to gain access to the area, use their building and floor construction knowledge, and work with other agencies and contractors to establish a plan to contain to clear, dry, clean and restore the area.

As you can see we are so much more than floor cleaners!

So if you had a job that requires a high, heavy, technical or difficult clean, or perhaps a combination of any of these then feel free to give Leanne a call on 0800 018 5550. We will be happy to make an appointment for a free site visit to establish what needs to be done and we will always provide a free, no obligation quotation.