This picture shows the stone floor ‘before’ and ‘after’ it had been professionally cleaned.

Stone Floor Cleaning in Exeter

This slate tile floor is installed in a busy commercial premises in Devon with a huge footfall. It’s open to the public who are tracking dirt in constantly and also a lot of water when it’s wet outside. Typically cleaners will sweep and mop floors like this which moves the dirt around the floor and doesn’t get rid of it. What’s more, mopping creates puddles of dirty water which the grout absorbs like a sponge, leaving the grout looking grey and dirty. Over time layers of bacteria and staining gradually builds up, which causes traditional cleaning methods to become ineffective.

We can help make sure the routine cleaning carried out by in-house cleaners or even homeowners is done so most effectively. Our stone floor cleaning technique offers heavy, periodic deep cleaning that will restore the floor back to it’s best condition. If the floor will benefit from polishes or sealants we can also advise accordingly. Sealing the surface is extremely effective in preventing permanent damage to your flooring.

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