Bbbbrrrrr its cold! even here in Torquay but lets be positive only a month to go before March when Spring officially starts!

Spring is a time of rejuvenation, rebirth and for some the annual ‘Spring Clean’.  There are many theories behind the saying and origin of ‘Spring Cleaning’.  Some believe its origins are routed in the celebration of the Persian New Year on the first day of Spring.  The Jewish have a similar tradition of cleansing of the home in anticipation of the spring-time memorial feast of Passover or Pesach.

In northern climates there are more practical reasons why ‘Spring Cleaning’ is associated with the month of March namely because it is warm enough to open windows and doors but not warm enough for inspects and bugs to be a problem.

Spring Cleaning Tips

We have compiled some top jobs to do this Spring:

  • Wipe down surface and walls including removing dirty fingerprints around light switches and sockets.
  • Move heavy objects and vacuum in behind heavy furniture.
  • Check carpets, particularly in heavy foot falls areas and consider professional carpet cleaning. Read our guide to Carpet Cleaning in Devon
  • Give rugs a good airing and check for damage.  Read our page on why Oriental Rug Cleaning should be done professional
  • Don’t just spring clean the inside but also take time to check gutters and drains get them cleaned out.
  • Soon you’ll be in your outside room – the garden! So have a look at garden furniture and clean cushions and seats as per manufacturers guidelines so their ready for Easter entertaining.

Happy Spring Cleaning!