Our Spring Cleaning Guide

At last spring has arrived!  The sunshine and dry weather is very welcome after what feels like a very long, wet and drab winter.  Spring is a time of renewal, revitalisation and freshness and as a result gives us the energy boost we need to start spring cleaning and new projects.

Over the winter months most of us go through the motions of following the same cleaning routine but as we enter spring it’s a good time to think about a more thorough clean or ‘spring clean’.  If you are feeling overwhelmed and wondering where to start then read our guide below on how to plan your spring clean:

Make a list of each room

Write a list of all the rooms in your home including closets, utility and airing cupboard.   Take time to walk through each room to consider what needs to be completed.  What plans do you have for each room this year?  Are you considering re-decorating or purchasing new furniture?

List the tasks that you need to carry out in each room

List the tasks each room needs ie cleaning skirting boards, picture rails, wiping cupboard doors down, hoovering under furniture, dusting lamp shades, as well as de-cluttering and reorganising.

Time vs. how well you want it done

What time do you have? Do you work all week and only have weekends? If so, be realistic about what you are going to get achieved and plan your time accordingly – maybe do a room at time.  Remember to build in some downtime as you can soon use up all your energy and get burnt out.

Get help

Encourage others to help, even children can help dust skirting boards. However, it is worth considering getting carpets, upholstery and rugs professionally cleaned.  This will provide a deep clean reducing allergens, dust and dirt, and increase longevity of carpets and upholstery whilst restoring their colour and making them feel fresher.

Be prepared

Make sure you have all the equipment and cleaning supplies that you need, there is nothing more annoying than having to run to the shop because you’re out of something.

Be inspired

As well as cleaning the furniture, re-arrange it as this will make the room feel different.  Get a home magazine on ways to brighten a space and check our previous blog 5 Top Tips For Spring Cleaning for ideas on how to freshen up a room with colour, scent and light.

We hope this is a helpful spring cleaning guide but as I said earlier there are no rules on spring cleaning!