It’s that time of year again!

Christmas lights have been appearing around Torbay, Exeter and across Devon even before the first advent calendar door has been opened! Lists are being written and bargains are being hunted down online and in the high street. But are you really ready for Christmas?

The Christmas holidays are  great time to get together with your friends and family. You may be entertaining, getting into the festive spirit or tucking into the too many traditional turkey dinners! But it’s not just the food, drink and presents you have to prepare for.

With any celebration, party or unwrapping event there will also be the tidying up afterwards. Getting help to stack and unload the dishwasher isn’t always easy! You may need to be add the chore to certain family members’ New Year resolutions list. There may be the older relatives who offer to help with washing the dirty dishes but it’s being prepared for other food or drink related incidents that you need to be prepared for.

Christmas Preparation

Over the next few weeks you may just have to deal with food dropped and squashed into the floor, drinks spilt on carpet, hard floors or upholstery or the dog leaving muddy paw prints after coming in from the cold.  These marks and stains may not be found straight away so do be prepared.

Do make sure you have those cleaning products stocked up in the cupboard under the sink. If you need a carpet stain remover then do give us a call on 0800 018 5550.

Cleaning Up

Don’t forget to give the carpets and hard floors a clean before the guests arrive. You may need to do a vacuum under the Christmas tree if the needles are already dropping.  Your sofas and chairs may need a clean too so make time for that too. Again if you are stuck for time do give us a call. Any cleaning carried out before the guests arrive will minimise the clearing up after they have gone.

If the ‘special’ china is to make an appearance over for your celebrations then do give it a rinse before you use it, along with any smart glassware or cutlery. With the additional guests don’t forget that you may need to source extra knives, forks and plates. For ease you could consider using paper plates and napkins at buffet meals.

Like a good cub scout – just be prepared and have an enjoyable clean Christmas!