Leather furniture is durable and a great choice for a home, however it does require some care for it to last a long time. Real leather is an animal hide and over time it will lose moisture, dry out and crack, eventually this creates creases which fill with dirt.  Getting a professional cleaner for more intensive care is a good idea but there are lots you can do to ensure your leather furniture lasts. Here are our top 5 leather care tips:

Leather Care Tips

1. Understand the type of leather:

Before buying leather furniture make sure you ask what the manufacturer’s guidelines are for its care.  Leather varies greatly both in its type and grain, but also in its origin, so knowing this will ensure you know the best way to care for it.

2. Keep it away from direct sunlight and the fireplace:

Avoid placing leather furniture where it will be exposed to direct sunlight and heat as over time this will cause the leather to fade and eventually dry, it will also speed up the likelihood of cracks developing (it can also become too hot to sit on so try and place it somewhere cooler).

3. Clean it regularly with a dry cloth and vacuum the corners:

As part of your weekly cleaning use a soft cloth to wipe over the furniture.  Then use your vacuum’s main hose (with a soft attachment) to clean the furniture – pay particular attention to creases, stitching, corners and joins to remove any grit, dust, pet hair and dirt which often gets lodged in the gaps.

4. Deal with spills and stains promptly

If you ever spill something on leather make sure you quickly and thoroughly clean it up using dry cloths to absorb any liquid.  When cleaning a stain use the minimum amount of water and ensure you dry the surface thoroughly. If necessary once the area is dry please apply the appropriate treatment for the type of leather.

5. Do not use lots of water, cleaning solvents, soaps or ammonia:

Do not use lots of water and soap to clean your leather as this will disintegrate the surface and speeds up the cracking and breaking process. Do not use strong solvents or ammonia based products as this could bleach the leather.

6. Use the right leather conditioner and the right amount of it!

Many people think that using leather conditioner regularly will keep their leather furniture looking its best, however leather conditioner should be used judiciously – once every 6-12 months should be sufficient.

If you need any advice on leather care or a professional leather clean please feel free to give us a call on 0800 018 5550