Finding leaks within the sub-floor of a property whether a private residence or a commercial premises can be a lot of hassle, can create a lot of disruption and can cost a lot to re-instate.  At ServiceMaster Clean Devon our leak detection service can help locate these kinds of leaks faster, with less hassle, disruption and without having to remove floor coverings and dig up sub-floors.

Leak Detection Service

These images show two floor areas within a private property and thermal images of the same floor area. You can see that these areas have ceramic floor tiles in both. The owner of the property knew they had a water leak, but could not detect where. They did not want to have all of the ceramic tiles dug up with all of the mess and cost associated with that.

Using thermal imaging technology we were able to see where hot water pipes were running underneath the tiles within the concrete sub-floor. The owner of the property did not know where these pipes were running and the heat you can see could not be felt from the surface. In the first image you can see a nice neat ‘hot’ line. In the second image you can see where the hot water is escaping slowly into the concrete beneath the tiles.

The impact of this was that a plumber needed only dig up two ceramic tiles to source and repair the water leak rather than dozens. The result a very happy client.

So whether you own a private property or have a leak in a commercial premise, office or any building we can help.

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