Anyone who owns or runs a successful business in Torbay, Exeter, Plymouth or across Devon would generally agree that maintaining your reputation matters. It can be the very reason that some customers return to you time and again in preference to a competitor and can make the difference between success and failure.

Company Reputation

However, managing your reputation can be quite challenging. Whether you are a large or small business, waking up one morning to find that a faulty product, a staff member stealing or an accident in the workplace has suddenly become the centre of a media storm can seriously threaten your business reputation.

According to a study by the Economist Intelligence Unit 75% of a company’s market value is linked to its reputation.

Surviving an adverse situation doesn’t have to mean the end but to protect your reputation you need to act fast!

Appoint a good spokesperson and ensure they are available to speak on all media types such as radio, TV and social media.

Your company reputation - Business at risk when crisis hits

Business at risk when crisis hits

  1. If this is something likely to impact on lots of customers, create a hot line phone number that customers can call for information.
  2. Communicate honestly – explain what’s happened and what you are doing to fix the problem.
  3. Regular updates – whether that’s staff, the media or customers, keep everyone informed.

Not saying anything and pretending everything is okay could end up damaging your reputation more than the original crisis.

Ideally you will have considered all types of ‘risk’ when writing your business contingency plan, so you will be prepared and have it accessible when needed.

At ServiceMaster Clean we deal with floods, fires or leaks that have affected a business. We won’t stand up in front of the media but we will be there to help restore your property so you can get your business up and trading again.

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