With all the rain we have had this year you might think that jet washing your patio, deck or slabs is a job that might not be top of the list at the moment.

But as the sun shines (today at least!) and we look towards a dryer part of the year we need to get the patio chairs out of the shed and get ready for all the BBQs we’re going to have this year!

As you venture out onto your patio or decking, after this wet winter, be careful! You will probably notice that it not only looks dirty but there is a slippery surface covering the concrete, stone and wood. This buildup is usually caused by mildew and algae deposits during wet and damp weather especially on  wooden decking boards. If your decking has grooves or your slabs and stones are uneven then water and dirt is more likely sit in these area and allow the growth of organic matter.

If you have a pressure washer then it is the ideal machine for cleaning up your patio. Once you have made sure your hose pipe and electric cables are well away from each other you can start putting the water lance together to begin the job. Some jet washers  have detergent bottles that you can attach to assist in your patio cleaning.

Our jet washing team often say that when they are on a cleaning job there is nothing more satisfying than jet washing a patio. There is something about making those clean lines, separating the clean stones from the dirt as you spray your pressurised water across the ground, that makes it feel so rewarding.

Jet Washing Patio Slabs in Torbay

Jet washing Cleaning your patio, slabs and decking with a pressure washer

If you are cleaning your patio yourself then do be careful that you don’t tangle the cables and water hose from the pressure washer.

Don’t worry if you haven’t got the correct equipment, just call us and we can get your patio cleaned in time for the summer!