So after much research on your ‘ideal customer’ you have chosen the location likely to give your Devpn business the greatest success.  You have carefully dressed its exterior and interior décor and filled it with the ‘right’ kind of floor, furniture and fittings to reflect client’s expectations and the values of your brand.  Overall you have spent considerable time and money getting it right – Yes?

So why, sadly, do so many businesses open their doors and instantly stop investing in one of their most important assets?

Over time it will only ensure the building and décor deteriorates and these elements quickly become noticeable to customers who then seek out a better experience elsewhere, causing an initially well thought out business to lose its kudos, it desired customer base and ultimately sales begin to slide.

Management then do a review – why are customers not choosing us? From our experience this often results in either a complete and costly refurbishment or fixing up of key areas but ultimately the cycle start again with a gradual deterioration.

Helping your business grow

However, there is another way, it requires management to recognise the important role their facilities play from the beginning, and allocate budget appropriately.   So to answer the question how what we do helps you grow your business? We assist businesses across Devon grow by helping them to identify key areas and put together maintenance programmes to ensure ALL areas look their best and at are at peak cleanliness no matter the time of day, 365 days a year enabling you to attract more customers. Whether it’s a hotel on Torquay seafront, a restaurant in Exeter or a factory in Newton Abbot we can assist.

To summarise looking after facilities is important because:

  • Facilities run at optimum value against running costs.
  • The environment continues to attract customers.
  • It lengths the life of carpets and furniture.
  • Limits damage to reputation.
  • Contributes to the view of being ‘consistently good’.
  • Nice facilities also help retain ‘good staff’.

So whether you are looking at starting a new business or have an existing one take time to consider facilities and premises maintenance and ensuring they represent you to the best of their ability and reflect customer expectations and help your business grow.