Of course the correct saying is ‘don’t cry over spilled milk’.  In folklore the spilling of milk was considered a gift to the faeries, who in turn would bless the home and bring good luck.

In this blog post we look at dealing with stains and what items you can keep at home to tackle those little, unexpected accidents. Here’s your guide on how to remove stains.

Remove Stains

Dealing with a stain:

  1. Act Quick!  Grab a clean cloth and dab or blot the spill to pick up the excess.
  2. Never rub as you can damage the carpet fibres.
  3. Work inwards to stop it from spreading.
  4. Test stain-removal products on an inconspicuous area first.
  5. Never use hot water as it can set colours making a stain like red wine very difficult to get out.
  6. Immediate treatment – If you have no stain removal products to hand, a dab of vodka or gin is one of the safest products that you can try.
  7. Red Wine – A great little tip for a red wine stain is to use soda water to flush the wine from the carpet fibres.
  8. Wet cloth – If you don’t want to tackle the stain yourself, cover the area with an old, damp towel or cloth.  This will help keep the stain workable until your carpet cleaning expert arrives.

Great products to have at home:

  • Vodka or gin – A dab of vodka works well on most stains.
  • Bi-carbonate of soda – Great for removing or reducing odours such as milk. Sprinkle over your carpet and gently work in. Leave for a day and then vacuum.
  • Soap flakes – With a little water this will gently remove various stains including mud.
  • White vinegar – Handy for removing all kinds of stains and odours. Most things in nature are acidic and it’s gentler to remove marks in the same pH level, therefore it’s often safer to try a little white vinegar first before moving onto something stronger such as…
  • Household ammonia – Great for all kinds of stains where mild alkalinity helps. Always dilute according to the instructions and ALWAYS  rinse afterwards.
  • A small soft brush – Perfect for loosening dirt or dried mud.

If you want to have a professional stain remover handy then try our ServiceMaster Clean Fiber Fresh Handi-Spotter a mini version of own professional cleaner and a great asset to any cleaning cupboard. Contact us on 0800 018 5550.

As professional carpet, rug and upholstery cleaners we provide FREE over the phone advice on removing stains.  We cannot always guarantee success as previous treatment, type of carpet and type of stain vary. Contact the office on 0800 018 5550 or office@servicemastercleandevon.co.uk for a free no obligation quote.

Unfortunately, there appears to be no folklore surrounding red wine spills bringing good fortune to your home! However, successful use of the above tips should mean you never need to cry over spilled red wine again!