What to do when you find or suspect a burst pipe, water leak or have a flood in your home or property

In this article we give some advice on what to do if you find or suspect that water is escaping from a pipe, you have a leak somewhere in your home or a flood into your property or premises.

Good to have detailed in one place so everyone in the house know what to do:

  • Your account no for your Water Supplier and their emergency contact telephone number
  • Insurance company contact telephone number and your policy no.
  • Make sure everyone in the house knows where the stop cock is to turn the water off and any additional shut off valves for toilets, sinks or other fixtures.
  • Make sure everyone knows where the main electric (fuse box) is to turn electric off.
  • Check your home insurance policy when renewing to ensure you are covered for water leaks and the damaged caused by them.
  • ServiceMaster Clean restoration response no 0800 018 5550 in case you have damage to your property that needs to be cleaned, dried and restored to pre-leak condition.
  • Copy of the below steps for people to follow

Steps on what to do if you suspect or find a water leak or flood

1.       Isolate the leak by turning the water off

Make sure that everyone in the house knows exactly where your main water shut off valve or tap is located.  The main water is often near your meter if you have one, or under a sink.  Toilets, sinks and other fixture frequently also have their own shut of valves and it’s good to know where these are so you can isolate them.  Not sure as your plumber where to find them

2.       Keep you plumber’s number to hand and call them as soon as possible

If you find a leak of any sort contact your plumber as soon as possible or if you rent the property your landlord or their agent so they can get they appointed plumber out.

3.       Turn electric off especially in the case of a flood

If electric is likely to come into contact with water as a result then turn it off.

4.       Contact your insurance provider or us!

Contact your insurance company to report the damage and make a claim (Take photographs and keep receipts of emergency expenses) If you are worried about your policy excess or want the restoration completed privately then you can contact us and we can quote on how much it will cost to fix privately.

A Water Leak outside your boundary

If the leak occurs outside the boundary of your property, for example on the road or footpath then the water supply company is responsible and you should contact them immediately.

If the water leak is inside your boundary then you are most likely responsible for getting this fixed.

If you need advice on any aspect of restoration following a fire, flood, burst pipe or water ingress then please feel free to contact us on 0800 018 5550.