In 2013 the ServiceMaster Clean Devon team have much to celebrate they are the current holders of the Western Morning News ‘Best in Customer Service” award which recognises them for delivering first class customer service. But what makes them the best in customer service?  We sit down with Owner Ken to ask what this meant to the team and what their focus will be in the future.

Q: So what did winning the award mean to you and the team?

A: “Our mission is to be ‘Caring Experts’ and to achieve this the whole team work very hard to ensure the customer feels valued from the first phone call to cleaning completion. Winning the award gave us all a huge boost and reinforced our belief that putting customers first is key”.

Q: So now you have won this award will you stop improving customer service?

“Certainly not! It’s a privilege to be invited into people’s homes and we are now, more than ever before, looking to improve the customer experience by seeking their views and where an improvement can be made seeking to do so.  We ask people to fill out our customer service cards and we use these to update our website testimonials weekly.  We also encourage people to feed back on their experience using a variety of methods from (hibu) as well as becoming a friend on our Facebook or Twitter pages.  We currently offer £20 off your next clean if you leave a review on our page on (hibu)… just let us know when you have done so and we’ll send you a voucher.”

Q: What will you be focusing on the in the future?

“Our focus has not changed, we believe our customer is king and we want to provide the most thorough cleaning possible and wholeheartedly believe that the way in which the service is provided is just as important as the cleaning services themselves”.

Q: How will you continue to raise the bar on customer service?

“We are always sending different team members on training courses to improve their knowledge but also to increase the services we can offer customers.  As part of this we frequently invest in new equipment to ensure we achieve the best result for the customer. Interacting with customers and listening to their views is something we do as part of the course.  We then discuss any opportunities at team meetings and if we think something will improve the customer experience we will often implement it”.

So whilst delighted to be holders of the award, ServiceMaster Clean Devon definitely still have customer care as their number one focus whilst continually looking at ways to improve the services they offer and enhancing the customer experience.  So keeping the saying customer is king very much alive!