Here at ServiceMaster Clean in Devon we are highly experienced in deep cleaning and ‘polishing’ all types of hard floors. However, polishing means different things depending on what kind of hard floor you’re talking about.

To ‘polish’ something means that you will create a smooth and shiny surface. This is achieved by some form of ‘rubbing’ action or by chemical treatment of one kind or another.

Hard Floor Polishing

As Caring Experts here at ServiceMaster Clean in Devon it is our aim to help you make an informed decision. There are usually a number of different options with each type of hard floor whether it be wood, tile, stone, vinyl, Amtico, Karndean etc. If you’re choosing new flooring and would like advice on what’s the best for the area in question, give us a call. If you already have a hard floor and want to know how to make it look it best and maintain it that way we’re on hand to help with that too with any hard floor polishing questions.

Your choice of approach to polishing your flooring will be governed by:

  • Type of flooring
  • How the floors are used
  • How well you’d like to protect and maintain the flooring
  • How you’d like the floor to look
  • Slip control considerations

In many cases it’s possible to have varying degrees of ‘sheen’ which can often come down to preference or suitability for the environment.

Polishing is an umbrella term that may involve:

  • Impregnating sealers
  • Topical coatings
  • Diamond polishing
  • Wax finishing
  • Oils
  • Metallized emulsion dressing

Not only is the type of hard floor polishing (or sealing) a consideration…but there are also huge variances in quality of product within each area. We are pretty familiar with most of what’s out there in the market and can help you to make the best choice for your situation.

There’s an old saying “to the man with a hammer every problem, is a nail”. Some people may become familiar with one approach to polishing or sealing hard floors and many products in fact will claim they are suitable for different applications. In summary our message is, if you’d like your hard floors to look great, and would like expert advice on how to get the best out your flooring that will fit within your budget and expectations… the Caring Experts here at Servicemaster Clean in Devon.

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