A beautiful new hard floor whether wood, tile, vinyl or a specialist floor such as Amtico, Karndean or Altro, can soon be ruined with every day wear and tear, so check out our 5 top tips on hard floor cleaning and maintenance as this will keep your floor looking its best.

Hard Floor Cleaning

1. Get into the habit of cleaning regularly – Whether you use a vacuum, microfiber sweeper or a dusting mop it is important to remove fine grit and dirt brought in by shoes and pets as this will scratch and damage a hard floor finish. Read how we can help you with your hard floor cleaning

2. If using an upright vacuum when cleaning turn the beater bar off Beater bars and rotating brushes can scratch and damage a floor finish.  For best results use an attachment to your main hover with a felt or soft brush on the end.

3. Rain, spills, and hairspray – Water and liquids can penetrate deep into wood floors, damaging and staining them.  Make sure you put trays under pot plants, wipe up any liquid spills and close windows if rain is likely to splash onto your floor.  Watch out for hairspray, as this too can damage and cloud a hard floor.  Keep a non-wax wood floor cleaner handy so after initially wiping up a spill you can use the cleaner to remove any residue.

4. The furniture polish No, No! – Spending sometime polishing and rejuvenating your hard floor can be very satisfying.  However, it is important that you buy the right product for your floor finish and make sure you test it on a small area before using it over the whole floor.  Furniture polish is not suitable for wooden floors as it can cloud and damage the finish.

5. Prevention is better than cure – Protecting hard floors with rugs or doormats at entry points or high foot fall areas such as front doors are a great investment.  Doormats and hall rugs will encourage people to wipe their shoes reducing the amount of dirt and moisture brought into your home.  When choosing a rug avoid those with rubber or vinyl backing as these can trap humidity, stain your floor and damage the wood and finish.

If you do all of the above you will be giving your floor the best chance of always looking its best. For further advice on hard floor cleaning contact us on 0800 018 550.