If you have children or just love an excuse for a party then Halloween can be a fun and often messy affair! From toothy pumpkin ghouls, sticky toffee apples, fizzy drinks, bowls of sweets and cakes to face painting and fake blood all add to the fun but can also create quite a lot of mess and maybe the odd Halloween stain.

Halloween Stain Tips

If you are unfortunate enough to have any of these dropped or spilled onto upholstery and floors then use our guide to deal with these effectively and keep your home clean:

 Ghoulish Face Paints 

Whilst they will complete a witches scary look face paints on upholstery or even worse carpets are a real Halloween stain. They can feel like you’re receiving a trick after ‘trick n treat’ because they can be difficult to remove! A real Halloween stain!

First of all always use cold or cool water (to prevent further penetration of the paint) and dab, never rub, with a clean cloth.   If this does not get it off test some laundry detergent on a small area of your upholstery or carpet that is not going to be seen by others to ensure if does not bleach the colour.  If satisfied it will not cause damage apply a small amount with a damp cloth and dab until no more colour transfers.  If you have removable covers then clean as per manufacturer’s instructions otherwise allow it the area to dry naturally.

Sticky treats & toffee apples

Sticky sweets and toffee apples dropped onto carpet and upholstery need to be removed as quickly as possible before they stick to the floor or sofa. After removing the bulk blot the remaining stain with a paper towel to absorb any excess liquid and to stop the stain from spreading.

Mix some soap flakes and cool water (test on a patch) and dab the stain (do not rub) with a clean cloth until the colour has transferred.

Petrifying Pumpkin Problems

If you drop some pumpkin flesh whilst carving out your tooth ghoul first remove any pumpkin seeds or flesh from the surface.  Next rinse cool water. Then apply a small amount of laundry detergent (test a patch first) and dab with a soft damp cloth. Wash as per manufacturer’s instructions or allow to dry naturally.

Foreboding Fizzy Drinks

Cleaning up any spillages as quickly as possible will lessen the chances of staining. If someone spills a fizzy drink, rinse the affected area well with cold water. Then mix a small amount of washing powder with warm water and dab the mark with a towel. Rinse again with cold water to prevent further staining.

Fake Blood

A Halloween stain created by fake blood often contains a lot of dyes which can permanently stain light materials.

It’s best to keep a stubborn stain damp (but not wet) for several hours with a damp towel. If necessary, place a clean white cloth under a heavy book wrapped in cling film to apply pressure to the stain. The more pressure, the more chance you have of lifting the stain.

Still have a stain….

If a Halloween stain is still showing contact ServiceMaster Clean Devon for further advice on 0800 018 5550.  And we can advise what stains can be removed using their professional equipment.