Did you know that 95% of flea eggs, larvae and pupae live in the environment, not on your pet?

The most common cause of fleas is dogs, cats, birds and rabbits. Predominantly pets pick them up when outside exploring or come into contact with another animal with fleas. Once they arrive, you need to get rid of them fast.

remove fleas in your home in Exeter, Torbay & East Devon

Remove fleas in your home in Exeter, Torbay & East Devon

About Fleas

Fleas are reddish-brown in colour, 2-3mm long and have a curved body. There are several species; all roughly the same size. Unlike bed bugs that crawl, fleas hop or jump making it easy for them to hitch a ride!

Flea larvae tend to live on carpets or bedding where they feed on organic debris. Once adult, fleas need blood to survive and are not fussy where they get it from!

Fleas can remain dormant for 12 months but once awake are attracted to carbon dioxide and heat.

How to get rid of them in the home

  1. Vacuum thoroughly and regularly – not only carpets but furnishings, cracks in the floorboards and upholstered furniture. Always clean your vacuum unit outside and place contents into a plastic bag and straight into your bin.
  2. Hot wash – wash everything; clothes, pet bedding and your bedding at 60 degrees (check labels first – so you don’t shrink anything!)
  3. Freeze them – you can put delicate items such as soft toys, cushions and clothes into a bag and place in the freezer for 24 hours.
  4. Pet flea spray – get the right product from the vet for your pet. Do any spraying at the same time as washing and freezing items otherwise some will survive and spread to the parts you have cleaned.
  5. Flea powder – as larvae live in carpets for 80% of their time it’s a good idea to sprinkle flea powder (follow manufactures instructions)

Prevention is better than cure!

Groom your pets regularly with a flea comb.

Wash their beds every week (ideally at 50°c or above).

Treat your pets with flea treatment recommended by your vet.

If this does not work you may need to get some professional help, and even then treatment may be required more than once! At ServiceMaster Clean Devon we are experts at carrying out flea treatments. To find out more visit https://www.servicemastercleandevon.co.uk/ or contact on 0800 018 5550 or email office@smcdevon.co.uk