At ServiceMaster Devon, we regularly get asked the same questions by our customers. Here are our most frequently asked questions about Amtico hard floor cleaning.

What process do you use to clean Amtico hard floors?

The first step is to remove furniture from the room (which can be returned once dry). We then apply a floor care solution which strips off any residual polish, followed by use of a rotary scrubbing machine to agitate any dirt or residue on the floor for a deep clean. Finally we then rinse and extract and leave to dry.

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How long until I can walk on my cleaned floor?

Every situation is different, but we advise that approximately two hours after the finish product has been applied. Our recommendation is that the floor cannot be used and the finish must be allowed to fully cure.

How long does it take to clean a hard floor in an average sized room?

A full clean and refinish will take up to three hours to carry out the cleaning and refinishing process and a further two hours to allow the floor to fully dry. A total of five hours would need to be allowed to complete the full process.

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