We are offering a 15% discount on all Floor Care and Deep Cleaning throughout the summer months.

Deep Cleaning Offers

The difference between a regular clean and deep clean is that the latter removes the deep dirt in your home, office, restaurant or hotel. We can not only deep clean floors but surfaces as well.

In kitchens, commercial and at home, we will remove the grime that builds up in, around and behind appliances – including washing machines, fridges, under sinks and ovens. Deep cleaning will also remove the build-up of dirt on the appliance surfaces.

For rooms with tiles including bathrooms, toilets, utility rooms and kitchens we will remove any scale that has built up.

Windows, window frames, patio doors can also be give the extra cleaning treatment.

For more information, to get a quote or book an appointment just call Jenny on 0800 018 5550.


Summer Carpet Cleaning Offer Deep Cleaning Offers

You can also get your carpets cleaned for £30 per room during the summer months.