It is essential to keep your offices clean and it’s also good to deep clean offices once a year. Deep cleaning not only helps with staff and customer health but also prolongs the life of your carpets, furniture and upholstery.

We recently carried out a deep clean at a Devon based warehouse and offices. The cleaning included deep carpet cleaning throughout the reception area. On the ground floor we also cleaned the carpets of the open plan office and two other offices.

Deep Cleaning Factory

The cleaning continued up on the first floor. There was another large open office with additional side offices. At the top of the stairs there was also a lobby area to clean, outside the lift and to the Boardroom toilets.

Deep cleaning offices

Our team also carried out a deep clean on the hard floor areas. They carried out deep rotary cleaning to the staff room, kitchen area and toilets. The hard floors in the lobby (to the warehouse factory area), the toilets and the shower room.

Deep cleaning office

Up on the first floor the hard floor areas of the kitchen and toilets were cleaned.

Deep Cleaning Office Furniture

During the deep clean of the offices we also completed upholstery cleaning on some of the furniture. This included the clening of two, two seater sofas and four arm chairs.

Deep cleaning office furniture

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