Carpeting is an important part of projecting a professional image and can represent a substantial investment. Soiling, discolouration, matting and fraying due to neglect or improper care often lead to premature and costly replacement.  Regular, thorough cleaning by skilled professionals can extend the life of your carpet investment, maintaining its beautiful appearance affordably and consistently.

How will regular maintenance extend a carpets life?

Often a business will have carpets cleaned once a year with maybe traffic lane cleaning or spot cleaning as needed.  This pattern of cleaning allows soil to build up in the carpet fibre base, damaging the fibres and giving your carpet a permanently dull, lifeless look eventually emphasizing unsightly traffic patterns.

A continuing monthly programme of carpet care stops dirt from penetrating to the fibre base.  This prevents dulling, matting, spotting and excessive carpet wear.  Traffic patterns are diminished, leaving a more consistent carpet appearance overall which means longer carpet life and less frequent replacement.

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Does regular maintenance improve carpet appearance?

Yes, programmed carpet care ensures that your commercial carpet always look at its best.  Our skilled cleaning experts use specialist equipment, products and methods to protect the original beauty of the carpet and promote a consistent appearance overall.

How much does regular maintenance cost?

This depends upon the size of your facilities, your carpets condition, traffic usage and agreed frequency of cleaning.  At ServiceMaster Clean design a maintenance programme based on your carpet requirements but typically this can be as little as £60 per month.  Regular care represents fixed, manageable monthly payments – guaranteed and we provide free quotations

Benefits of regular carpet cleaning

·         Maintains a carpets rich colour and texture

·         Extends the life of your carpet investment

·         Guaranteed maintenance costs

·         Diminishes wear, especially in high-traffic areas

·         Promotes a consistent carpet appearance

·         Provides a regular spot cleaning service

·         Utilises the most current innovation in carpet care

·         projects a professional image and helps maintain a healthy working environment.

The Leader in Carpet Care

For over 40 years, ServiceMaster Clean has led the carpet cleaning industry in customer satisfaction.  Our reputation is due to a deep commitment to quality.  So if you’re considering a regular carpet cleaning programme give us a call on 0800 018 5550 or email and we would be happy to talk through your needs, make a site visit and provide you with a few no obligation quotation.