Easter has past, the children are back at school but you may still have some chocolate left in the house. There may not be many Easter eggs lying around but any chocolate can cause a stain at any time.

But don’t panic if you have found a stain on your best carpet. We have some great stain removal tips for you to try.

How to remove a chocolate stain

As soon as you find any chocolate on your floor get hold of a blunt knife. Us the knife to scrape away as much of the excess chocolate as possible. Do check any instructions from your the carpet manufacturer especially if you are cleaning a wool carpet.

After you have checked the carpet details regarding cleaning it you can then move onto the next stage. To begin with rinse the area with lightly cooled water. Once you have completed this mix a teaspoon of washing powder with warm water in a mug. Using a sponge you need to dab, not rub,  the marked area. If you rub the mark you may just make a permanent stain.

With the marked area covered you then leave it for three to five minutes.  Then dab the area again this time with a dry cloth.

If you find that the carpet still has a mark then re-dab with the soap solution.

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