A customer contacted us asking if we could repair a section of an Axminster carpet square in their home that had been damaged by moth. They had moved a sofa and found a large patch, about 6 inches across, where the pattern had been eaten away by moths exposing the backing. This is a loose carpet square (or rug) that was particularly important to this customer. It matched another one in their home and they could not get replacement. In any case a replacement would have cost a lot more than the repair!

Carpet Repair

We collected the rug and brought it back to our workshop. We obtained matching yarn from the manufacturer and painstakingly weaved in new tufts to match the pattern. It took us longer than we thought, but the results were amazing. Our focus was on getting the best result possible. It’s not a perfect repair, but apart from the newly woven area looking a bit brighter, it’s not easy to spot the repair.

If you have a damaged carpet or rug we might be able to repair it. We regularly deal with moth infestation in homes, and can help you get rid of that problem too.

You can call us on 0800 018 5550 or email us on office@servicemastercleandevon.co.uk