You may think that you don’t need carpet cleaning in Torbay, especially if you have just moved into a new home.

Around the Torbay area there are many new housing estates currently being built. If you have recently moved in to your new build then you will have spent time deciding on your interior colour scheme. This will usually also include deciding on new hard floors, a range of carpets or  a mixture of both to lay throughout the house.

Once you have your carpets and hard floors installed you then need to take care of them. This can be quite straight forward, shoes off at the door, no eating in the lounge! – but if your home is still part of a construction site you might find it more difficult to keep your floors clean. If you have a ‘snagging list’ for the builders you may need to watch out that when they arrive to sort out the small issues that your carpets and floors don’t suffer. If boots are not removed you will find dirt, mud or dust walked into your new loop pile.

New home carpet cleaning in Torbay

If you let the building company know that your new floors need a clean they may well send someone to your house to make things right. Sometimes the cleaners may not have the correct machinery and skills to do the job. We were recently contacted to remove several dirt stains from a recently laid carpet in a new build home. Dust and other muck had been trodden into the carpet by builders while they rectified some faults. The carpets had already been cleaned by a local company but the marks had not been completely removed.

Our cleaning staff use commercial carpet cleaning equipment that offers the best chance of removing marks and stains on your carpets, old or new. After our visit the new carpet was back to how it was the previous week when it had been laid.

If you have any marks or stains on your carpets then we can help. And if you are having any construction or restoration work carried out at your home then we can also carry out builder cleans.