It’s winter, it’s cold and being in Torbay we don’t usually have a carpet of snow covering our homes. We do have the frosts, ice and rain combined with road salt, soil and other debris not just on our roads that needs cleaning.

And all this water and mesh can find its way into your home and onto your carpets and floors. This can leave you with damp floors, marks and stains that can cause long term damage.

If you do get any slush, snow or ice on your carpet and it is still frozen, then you can easily remove it from your carpet. All you need is to use a dry cloth. If there are any stains then you will need hot water, soap and a clean, dry cloth. Starting from the outside press the cloth on the carpet, working to the centre of the stain.

You will then need to rinse the carpet with some cold water. Then use a towel to pat dry the area. After the area is fully dry you can then use a vacuum cleaner to remove any remaining dirt.

You might find that in winter your carpets need a clean without anyone coming in from outside. If you have an open fire you may find that soot ends up on the carpet or floor around the fire place. These dirt particles can be easily trodden into the carpet fibres.

To remove the dirt you need to first vacuum the area. Be careful not to grind any more of the ash or soot into your carpet. Once the loose dirt is removed you then need to sprinkle baking soda or any other absorbent powder on the stained area. You will need to leave it for at least an hour before vacuuming the carpet again.

The next stage is to use a dry cleaning fluid or a commercial cleaning product to the area. Using a clean cloth you just blot the area gently, from the outside to the centre of the carpet stain. Once it has been removed you need to blot the area again with a dry cloth or sponge until all the liquid has been absorbed. Finally you need to make sure the area is ventilated until the carpet is completely dry.

There are disadvantages of deep cleaning your carpets yourself. As a homeowner DIY is a good way to try and save money but with carpet cleaning it can be better to seek a professional cleaner. Cleaning carpets is a time-consuming job especially with the various processes are needed to get the best results.

To get the best results you need the proper equipment to be able to deep clean the carpet fibres and clean the carpet efficiently, extracting as much dirt as possible in the quickest possible time.

If you need any help with your carpet cleaning, deep cleaning or stain removals then just contact us on 0800 018 5550 for your free no obligation quote.