Why is carpet cleaning important especially if there are young children in the home? There are some very interesting facts out there on  “how clean your carpet is?” and “how much bacteria is actually in your carpet?”

Today we’ve been reading an article from Netmums about dirtier items than your toilet seat in your home – including your child’s car seat, your carpet and even your tablet. Just to make you aware “carpets” is point number 3…so did you know that almost 200,000 bacteria live in each square inch of carpet (that’s 700 times more than on your toilet seat). 😷👎

It’s so scary as our children and newborn babies are lying, rolling around and playing on our carpets every minute and we honestly don’t consider how tidy they are or even think about it!

Why carpet cleaning is important especially with young Children

To see the complete list just visit Revealed: 9 things dirtier than a toilet seat!

Keeping your house clean for you and your children

Meanwhile here are a few useful tips to reduce Bacteria in your carpet:

  • -always remove your shoes
  • -carry out daily vacuuming
  • -don’t let your child / children eat snacks on the carpet…insist they sit at table or in their high chair
  • -clear up any spills or accidents straight away (we do sell a spot removal product)
  • -complete potty training on hard floors (where it can be wiped clean)
  • -get a deep carpet cleaning specialist to carry out deep professional cleans every 6 months.

At Servicemaster Torquay we can carry out stain removal cleans, one off deep carpet cleans and recurring carpet cleaning schedules. We are here to help and ensure all children grow up in a health and safety environment.

We can help with deep cleaning and other cleaning services for carpets, hard floors, upholstery, rugs and surfaces.

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