How are you celebrating bonfire night?

Whether you are having a party at home or attending a locally ‘organised’ bonfire and fireworks display they are great way to get together with your family and friends.

If you are planning on hosting your own party you may need a few tips. Why? Consider how much extra mess could be created in your home especially when attendees are walking in and out with their muddy footwear.

Below are our top 10 tips for a mess free bonfire night:

  1. Ideally ask everyone to remove shoes and boots before stepping into your home.
  2. Put down non-slip matting at entrances to prevent the onward transit of mud, grit and moisture onto your carpet or hard floor.
  3. Wherever possible make these mats 2 footfalls of both feet before they reach your main floor as this ensures the worst falls off.
  4. Set up tables of food and drink in hard floor areas to prevent spillage of sausages, tomato ketchup and mulled wine!
  5. Better still, if the weather is mild and dry entertain your guests outside! Or use an outbuilding (garage, shed to layout food so limiting foot fall into your home)
  6. If you do incur a stain on a carpet, blot it to remove excess, never rub, work inward to limit damage, always use cool water, never hot as this will set some colours.  If you have no stain removal products to hand a dab of vodka or gin is one of the safest alternatives that you can try.
  7. Never light fireworks or sparklers in the home – this is dangerous and sparks can quickly cause a fire, potentially making your home the largest bonfire in the area! (Our Disaster Restoration team can help but we prefer prevention!)
  8. Keep pets indoors – but also beware that anxiety can cause incontinence and/or chewing of soft furnishings. Ideally put your pets somewhere familiar where they cannot escape (or be let out by accident), where damage can be limited (or cleaned up quickly) and make sure you check them regularly.
  9. Mulled wine stain? Use soda water to flush the wine from the carpet fibres.
  10. Bonfire night is the bad ‘guys’ favourite night to ransack peoples’ homes and turn a fun evening into misery. Burglary increases by 22% compared with a typical day according to insurance specialist Aviva.  So make sure you lock all your windows, doors and outbuildings.

Here at ServiceMaster Clean Devon we hope you have a fun, safe and incident free Bonfire night.

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