Hurrah! it’s back to school next week! It’s time to re-claim that bedroom floor space that has been covered for the past six weeks, it’s time to remind yourself what the carpet looks like and, more importantly, it’s time to enjoy the peace!

It might be the beginning of the end of Summer but September does bring a little peace to some households as the new school term starts!

Back to School!

For some it’s a new year at their current school but for others it’s a new start at a new primary or secondary school. But with the start of this new term comes a little peace and quiet between the hours of nine and three!

But where do you start?

In our house it’s the amount of paper and pens that seem to grow on any surface in their bedrooms. Any pieces of paper, notes and practice drawings that don’t make the safe area of the fridge door can be thrown away. Another quick and simple check to do is try all the pens and see if they work. There is no point taking old dried up markers in the school bag!

For those pens that might have made their mark on the carpet, this video (here) on the removal of Permanent Marker might be useful.

While you’re going through that cleaning process you could also check what still fits, what is too worn to where and what can be handed down to brothers and sisters or donated. To keep it positive you can always make a shopping list for new items to replace old.

Don’t forget to get those shoes shining too! That includes any training shoes you might have taken to the beach or on holiday that may need a tidy up!

With clean shoes, a packed school bag they should be ready for their new term and you should be ready to take advantage of some quiet time!