Welcome to June 2015! Continuing our focus on Spring Cleaning we have five cleaning projects to make your Devon home feel bright, fresh and clean:

1. Spring cleaning your Devon Home

Start off with a good clean – working through each room to get rid of winter dust, open windows move furniture and clean below and behind. Whether you do a deep clean and turn out cupboards, get your carpets cleaned or just give the place a good tidy up, spring cleaning is an excellent way to bid winter good bye! Read our guide to Carpet Cleaning in your Devon home.

2. Bring in colour

Dust off those brightly coloured vases and add some spring flowers to your rooms. You could also rearrange or update shelves with brightly coloured objects and change photos to give your rooms more colour and make them feel fresh. Of course if you’re feeling really adventurous you can always re-paint!

3. Create a new space

In the winter, living room furniture tends to be placed around the fire and the TV, so re-arrange them to create a new space.  Also, take the time to clean and change cushions and rugs, and consider getting them professionally cleaned to enhance their colour.  Creating a new space is a great way to put winter behind you.  Read our page on why Oriental Rug Cleaning should be done professionally

4. Increase natural light

With the advent of spring comes lighter and brighter days so take time to give windows and curtains a good clean and also check window catches are working properly.  Good quality light can really open up a house and improve everyones mood and attitude. Read more on in-situ Curtain Cleaning in Devon

5. Sweet smelling

A scent can unlock many memories and spring heralds a barrage of scents from flowers and cut grass to fresh dug earth.  Whilst flowers are the easiest way to bring a new scent to your home you can also use scented candles, scented sticks or choose from a hug range of air fresheners now on sale.

So if you decide to have a go at these 5 spring cleaning projects in your Devon home you’ll be well prepared before summer finally arrives!