Finally summer has arrived!  Beautiful sunny days and warm evenings mean many people open their homes to friends and family and host BBQs, parties and even weddings!  When we think about inviting people into our homes we often consider what preparation we need to undertake and smartening up our home is often top of the list.  So check out our 5 top summer cleaning tips!

Summer Cleaning Tips

1. Freshen up carpets – Consider what kind of event you are holding, how many are likely to attend and where they will they congregate i.e. where will food be served.  It’s often worth placing tables of food on hard floor areas as it is much easier to clean up afterwards alternatively consider using an inexpensive rug to prevent food and drink spills on your carpet.  Professional carpet cleaning will really revitalises carpets and freshen up rooms.  Generally we find people fall into two camps; people who would like their carpets cleaned before their guests arrive or people who want them cleaned after the event!

2. Outdoor events – If you are anticipating your guests will be in the garden or in a marquee but to-ing and fro-ing from your home then place a mat or rug inside the main door, the bigger the better, this will then collect the worst of the dirt and grit that’s falls off shoes and feet and will help to ensure it is not walked into your carpets or scratches your hard floors.

3. Don’t forget to check your outdoor furniture – Once the sun begins to shine we all want to make the most of our ‘outdoor rooms’.  When you retrieve your outdoor furniture from storage or take their covers off first inspect each piece of furniture for damage.  Then clean cushion covers and upholstery as per their instructions or get garden seat and chair cushions cleaned professionally off site.  Don’t forget we are happy to provide advice or quote for garden or boat upholstery cleaning.

4. Bring upholstery back to life – If you have a soft, loose covered sofa make sure that the covers are cleaned to the manufacturer’s guidelines.  If you cannot remove the covers then give your sofa or chair a good vacuum – it can be surprising how much gets caught down the sides!  A professional upholstery clean can really refresh and enhance the colours of sofas and chairs to make them feel new again.

5. Curtains – Good quality curtains are best cleaned in situ and at the very least as per the manufacture’s instruction otherwise they may shrink.  Make sure you don’t forget to dust the top of the rail before you clean the curtains!

Need extra help with your summer cleaning? We provide a specialist cleaning service which covers everything from carpets, rugs and upholstery to high staircases and windows.Visit our specialist pages for further information or give us call as we provide FREE phone advice and FREE quotes. Check our offer pages and take advantage or lots of offers and savings too!