Taking the time to experience your business as a client or guest can give you a valuable insight into their experience and what might inform their opinion of you.  So instead of walking straight to your desk take time 5 minutes to sit in your reception and look around.  Use the example questions below to review the area.  Try doing this to a different area each week.     

1. On entry does the carpet and/or mat look clean or soiled?

2. Are walls fresh and unmarked?

3. Is seating upholstery in customer areas grubby or stained?

4. Does the hard floor look dull or does the grout look grey, dirty or stained?

5. Are water or refreshment machines clean?

6. Do carpets look good or are they grey or showing signs of wear and age?

7. Are light switches or control panels clean and are the lights working?

8. In restaurants and bar areas are the floors sticky, stained or dull?

9. Check lifts and stairs are the carpets greying, dirty or dusty?

10. Are wash rooms sparkling clean?